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How to START A WordPress BLOG: Step by Step Easy Guide (2019)

You want to start a WordPress blog but don’t know how to do it correctly? We understand how difficult it is to start a blog in a proper way when you are not a techie! This article is going to be a real time-and-money saver by guiding you on how to start a blog with WordPress that makes money. And you are going to do it without writing a single line of code!

Every day lots of blogs are being created, but only a few get succeeded. Do you know why? Because they are not set up correctly to get the most out of their website. Though the process of creating a WordPress blog is super-easy following this guide, you can get help from our expert team who will set up WordPress on your hosting for free! If you need help setting up your WordPress with proper SEO, Security, Functionalities and Speed; let our WordPress experts do it for you. Click Here To Enjoy FREE WordPress Blog Setup, otherwise continue reading.

What do we need to start a WordPress blog?

To create a blog with WordPress, we need a few major components. There are three things that we have identified as the primary need for any WordPress blog. These are:

  1. A domain name matching with your blog name. (i.e, etc)
  2. A Web Hosting Service to make your website/blog live over the internet.
  3. WordPress Installation File that you can download for FREE from here: Download WordPress


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