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Our Small Business Website Design Services are empowering small entrepreneurs and startups to polish their online visibility at the lowest possible budget. We offer the best quality web design services at the best price. Since 2014, we are serving clients around the world with their web design, development, marketing, SEO and project management needs. Though it is now 2019, and there might be someone rare to finding who have no ideas about web design. If you are conscious enough or is not interested to know about web design, then please move to Our Web Design Packages. ⮯

What is Web Design?

If you know about the word “website” then probably you have heard of this term. Web design is a part of complete website development. In a sentence, web design is the process of building the frontend of a website or web application.

Types of Web Design

Depending on business needs, the design and structure of the website can be different. Based on the purpose and pattern of the designs, there are many kinds of design. Here are the 5 most popular types of web design:

  1. Illustrative Web Design
  2. Typography Web Design
  3. Minimalist Web Design
  4. Flat Web Design
  5. Single Page Web Design

How much does a website cost?

It is not possible to declare a fixed price for every website. However, here we are going to illustrate some ideas that will help you to understand how much a website can cost you.

First, we need to know what kind of website you need. We have discussed 5 types of website design above. Let’s think, you need an illustrative website. These sorts of website design require lots of graphic items so you will need to invest a bit more. On the other hand, minimal design will cost less.

Second, no matter what types of website design you require, if your website needs advanced functionalities then the cost will be high. Design and development are two different part of making a complete website.

Third, how many you need to be designed is another fact to measure the cost. Depending on design complexity, we charge $10-$50 per pages.

Finally, if you are interested in developing your website using any Open-Source CMS then you could save money! Popular Content Management Systems – CMS are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop etc.

Depending on your requirements, we charge $150 – $2000 to design a website. Price can be higher though. Except for the design and development, you will have to spend on web hosting, SSL, Security & Backup services, CDN etc. Our Small Business Website packages will save you money.

Our Web Design Packages

What is included on these packages?

Web Design Package A Title

Web Design Package A Title

Web Design Package A Title


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